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French Summer Camps in France: French courses for children and teenagers

French is one of the main working languages of the EU and is, to this day, one of the most important working languages around the world. Learning French in France is a fantastic experience to learn a language spoken across five continents, putting you ahead in the world while letting you experience all of the iconic cities, varied landscapes, and fun activities that the country has to offer. Thousands of students have trusted ESL to create their ideal language experience, and our junior French courses in France are tailored to each and every student. 

Check our French Summer Camps in France

Why do a summer camp in France?

During your summer, you’ll surround yourself with the French language and culture to learn in a fresh, dynamic environment that couldn’t be any more different from the classroom learning you’re used to. You’ll experience campus life and meet young people from different parts of the world traveling to study French in France, just like you. France has such a diverse landscape and culture that whether you’re staying in a big city, or the countryside – you’ll always make new memories as you travel to new places in France and experience new traditions, take part in activities and sports, and go on exciting excursions.

Where can I learn French in France?

Practice your French and explore the elegant streets and fun activities under the Eiffel Tower in France’s capital, Paris, or head to France’s beautiful coast and experience Biarritz, Nice, and Antibes, where you can learn and practice your French while being surrounded by sun, sand, and watersports. No matter where you choose to go for your junior French course in France with ESL, you’ll be guaranteed a dynamic, exciting learning experience, and your French skills will progress quickly as you immerse yourself in French life and culture.