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Once a country little-known around the world, modern-day South Korea has exploded onto the scene as one of the most influential countries on the planet, suddenly pushing Korean up the bucket list of language lovers everywhere. We began to offer language travellers the opportunity to discover Korean and the culture behind it in 2017, through ESL’s Korean courses abroad, where they rapidly became one of our most popular language study options.  

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We’re proud to partner with first-class language schools offering a wide range of courses. Whatever your age, goals and level, we have a course for you!

Frequently asked questions about studying Korean abroad

Why study Korean?

A language with a history as fascinating as its people, Korean is spoken by over 70 million people in North and South Korea, with huge pockets of native speakers in China, Japan, and the USA. The Korean cultural wave started to spread out of Seoul in the late 00s, with music, television, and delicious Korean food now a part of daily life across the world. Studying Korean abroad will give you a fantastic insight into the language of South Korea, rapidly gaining popularity and strength on a universal level. 

Why choose a Korean study abroad programme?

While Korean culture is now mass-exported across the world, it’s certainly fair to say that the language isn’t one of the easiest to learn. The Korean language is heavily influenced by the history of the two Koreas, once united in culture together. Learning Korean abroad in South Korea will give you the chance to hear, read, and speak the language 24/7, immersed in one of Asia’s most advanced countries. Choosing a Korean course abroad is a unique opportunity to fully experience Korean culture and discover first-hand the nation taking the world by storm, from South Korea’s bustling capital of Seoul, to its beachside jewel of Busan on the southern coast. 

Why study Korean abroad with ESL?

We love languages with a passion, and we’ve been helping students to organise their ideal language stay abroad since 1996. We want to offer you an experience you’ll never forget, while helping you reach your full potential, so we carefully select our partner schools and maintain a close relationship with them to ensure you receive the highest quality teaching and study in an ideal learning environment during your Korean course abroad. What’s more, we listen and guide you every step of the way - as we know it can be difficult to arrange a trip halfway around the world, we offer personalised advice and support you before, during, and even after your language stay. Discover a world of languages with us! 

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