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English summer camps in Scotland: Programmes for teenagers and children

Large cities, towering mountains, and the breathtaking beauty of the Highlands - it’s easy to see why students choose to learn English in Scotland every year! If you want to visit one of the world’s most iconic countries while being surrounded by English and perfecting your language skills, Scotland is a fantastic place to be! We’ve organised language camps in Scotland for thousands of students, travelling with ESL for an unforgettable language stay they’ll remember forever!   "

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Why do summer camp in  Scotland?

English is an incredibly popular language for our students going on yearly summer camps, and a junior English course in Scotland is a great choice for those interested in developing their language skills while being in a new environment, exploring new cities and wild countryside. Students visit Scotland from around the world, so you have the chance to make international friends and practise your English every day.

Is the English in Scotland different?

English is different everywhere you go, but as Scotland is part of the UK, they use British grammar and vocabulary. Scottish people have a different accent to the English, but as they’re so friendly and hospitable it’s not a problem for our students learning English in Scotland! Getting used to different accents is part of the language learning process, and the earlier you expose yourself to new accents, the better!

What will I do on my junior English course in Scotland?

Our English courses offer the chance to develop language skills while living in a truly international environment. You can choose to stay on campus with other young students, or live with a host family for an authentic Scottish experience. Aside from classes, where you’ll practise English in a dynamic setting, you’ll be able to participate in exciting activities and excursions. Exploring new places is a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary and make the most of your English course in Scotland!

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