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Want to learn Spanish abroad? Find your ideal destination in Argentina!

Learn Spanish in Argentina

Mountain ranges, glaciers, volcanoes, humid jungles, and stunning beach scenes - there aren’t many places in the world you can find this all in one country! Experience all of this for yourself on a Spanish course in Argentina, where both cultural and natural diversity flourish, and adventure is always a stone’s throw away. Learn Spanish in Argentina and discover its unique history, mix of people and cultures, and so much more in this land full of surprises!

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Frequently asked questions about Spanish courses in Argentina

Why learn Spanish in Argentina?

Learning a language in full immersion is always an advantage, and Argentina is the perfect place to dive in head-first. You’ll speak Spanish with the friendly local people as you explore this beautiful country, and practise with other students travelling from across the globe to take a Spanish course in Argentina. You’ll challenge yourself every day, fast improving your Spanish skills as your language course in immersion pushes you to achieve your goals. On top of all this, you’ll get to study Spanish while exploring some of the world’s most breathtaking sights - from the icebergs of Patagonia to the exotic rainforests in the north, Argentina will never disappoint.

Why choose ESL for a Spanish course in Argentina?

At ESL we work closely with our partner schools to ensure your language experience goes beyond simply helping you achieve your goals. We want you to feel the same passion that we do for languages, and provide you with an experience that both helps you learn and sends you on a true adventure. We support you every step of the way with free, personalised advice as you organise your course, offering you insider knowledge and the help that you need to succeed.

What kind of Spanish is spoken in Argentina?

If you decide to learn Spanish in Argentina, it’s true that you’ll be worlds away from the Spanish spoken in Europe - but that’s definitely not a disadvantage! Spanish speakers all around the world understand one another, and while you might have to learn some differences in grammar and vocabulary, you’ll fall in love with the sing-song Argentinian accent, and discover Spanish in a global context. Whichever variety of Spanish you choose to learn, you’ll be fast on your way to fluency in a language which is already the second most-spoken in the world!

Which city should you choose?

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