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The chance to study English abroad is a fantastic opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the world’s most spoken language! Whether you choose to study English in England, Ireland, or Malta, or if you want to travel even further to the USA, Australia, or Canada, we’re here to help you find the ideal English courses abroad. With over 20 years of experience in the field, a worldwide network of language schools and over 80 destinations to learn English, the world is yours to explore with ESL.

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English courses abroad for adults and juniors

We’re proud to partner with first-class language schools offering a wide range of English courses abroad for adults and juniors alike. Whether you’re looking to improve your English to enhance your travels or improve your business English to boost your career, we have a course for you!


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Frequently asked questions about studying English abroad

Why study English abroad?

If you choose to study English abroad, you’ll be surrounded 24/7 by native speakers, in a new, exciting culture. English is an absolute must in the world we live in, and there’s no faster or more interesting way to learn it than by travelling to one (or more) of the many countries where it’s spoken! Your communication skills will improve greatly as you practise all the time, and studying English abroad will give you a fantastic opportunity to travel the world and experience new places.

Where is the best place to take an English language course?

With such a wide choice of destinations available to take English courses abroad, the world really is at your feet! The best place is really what’s right for you, which is why at ESL we tailor each and every language study, taking into account your needs and wishes. With over 80 locations across the Anglosphere, from London to New York, Sydney to Malta, and Cape Town to Dublin, ESL truly has the ideal experience in store for everyone.

Why study english abroad with ESL?

We’re passionate about languages, and since 1996, we’ve been helping others to feel that same thrill we get from learning and travelling! To help you reach your language objectives, and achieve your full potential, we carefully select our partner schools and establish a great relationship with them to ensure you receive the highest quality experience when you study English abroad.


Whether you want to learn English for work or as a hobby, or whether you want to combine your studies with volunteering, or even a ski trip, our wide variety of courses make finding that perfect English course abroad as simple as can be. Explore our range of destinations and see where English can take you!

Who should study English abroad?

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, you can find English language courses abroad for adults and for juniors in many countries across the world. Our dedicated team is always just a call away to find the best English language course to suit you!

How to evaluate your English level?

If you wish to know your English level before enrolling one of our English courses abroad, you can take our free online English test.

You will receive an immediate assessment of your English level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The final result will give you an idea of the areas where you are strongest and those where you should work on. Furthermore, it can be used to choose the right level for your English language course.

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