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Want to learn French abroad? Find your ideal destination in Switzerland!

Learn French in Switzerland

The crossroads of not just two, but four official languages, Switzerland is a dream for any budding linguist! As a small yet varied nation, learning French in Switzerland will give you the opportunity to discover its many different faces and sample a mix of cultures, combined with a picture-perfect alpine backdrop. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventurer, a culture vulture, or a language enthusiast, ESL’s French courses in Switzerland have something for absolutely everyone!

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Frequently asked questions about French courses in Switzerland

Why learn French in Switzerland?

If you like to discover new places and cultures, Switzerland is the perfect place to study French - with a twist! The French-speaking area of Switzerland is a little bubble of French culture, but with its own unique Swiss influences. A French course in Switzerland will give you the chance to learn in full immersion, and speak French every single day, while exploring the shores of Lake Geneva and the towering Swiss alps, and sampling delicious Swiss food. You’ll delight every sense as you develop your French skills in this beautiful country!

What will I do on my French course in Switzerland?

We offer a wide range of choice on all our language courses, and French is no exception. In Switzerland, you’ll be able to tailor your course to meet your own specific needs and goals. Study at your own pace, with standard or intensive courses, or personalise your classes with one-to-one lessons to really perfect your language skills. If you want to take an official exam, our partner schools offer special preparation courses to develop your skills. In addition to studying, our partner schools also offer a range of activities to help you discover new places in Switzerland, and practise your French at the same time.

Why choose ESL to learn French in Switzerland?

We first started organising language stays for students over 20 years ago - in Switzerland! As a Swiss-founded company, we have the insider knowledge needed to guide you as you organise your perfect French course in Switzerland. At ESL, we have built up an extensive network of partner schools who we maintain a close relationship with year after year, to ensure you’re getting the best quality language course available. We’ll support you every step of the way with free, personalised advice on your journey with us - working with you to create a language experience you’ll never forget!

Which city should you choose?

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