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Learn English in Spain

While Spain may not be your first choice for learning English, with its booming tourist industry and popular international cities, you’ll find yourself practising more often than you’d think! And with its amazing beaches, sunny weather, and alluring culture, you can get the perfect Mediterranean holiday while gaining useful language skills. Furthermore, as the leading destination for English teachers abroad, Spain is a wonderful country to pursue this rewarding career path on a teacher training course. 

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Frequently asked questions about English courses in Spain

Why learn English in Spain?

Learning English in Spain gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the relaxing and enriching Mediterranean lifestyle while learning this helpful international language. While not an official language of Spain, through its booming tourism industry and large multicultural cities like Valencia and Barcelona, you’ll still find plenty of people to practise with!

Where can I learn English in Spain?

With a country as beautiful and varied as Spain, you have plenty of amazing cities to choose from, and ESL will provide you with the best options to do so! Barcelona and Valencia are the two jewels on the Mediterranean coast for young learners to enjoy. With the amazing food, alluring culture, and international atmosphere these two cities offer, you have officially found your English adventure! For students looking to delve into the world of language teaching, Seville offers a laid-back Andalusian paradise to explore this new career path.

Which city should you choose?

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