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Postgraduate and Master’s Programmes abroad

So, you already have a bachelor’s degree, and you’re looking for your next challenge? There are plenty of options available to you, but how many will let you explore an exciting new country and study a postgraduate course in a world-class business school, all while taking your English to the highest level? We have options that check all the boxes! 

Starting your postgraduate studies can seem like a daunting commitment, but through our programmes, it doesn’t have to be! When you study in any of our postgraduate schools, you’ll be able to choose the duration between one trimester or two and still return home with the credits you earn. Whether you want to try international student life for a short period and return home or like it so much that you’re looking to extend your stay for more, our partner schools will cater to you!

Take your postgraduate courses in Australia with our prestigious school partner, which has over 80 years of experience and is within the top two most popular MBA courses in the country! Choose your state-of-the-art campus from one of many locations across Australia, including the trendy urban hipster-esque streets of Melbourne and the iconic sparkling party capital of Sydney. 

If you’re looking for a prestigious and worthwhile experience closer to home, you can find it in our postgraduate courses in Dublin, Ireland! As the leading independent college in Ireland, with 47 years of experience and 9000 students in attendance, you’ll receive an outstanding level of education and travel abroad without leaving Europe!

It’s never too late to have an unforgettable experience abroad, and if you missed the opportunity during your undergraduate studies, this is your chance to live your life to the fullest before starting your career. What’s more, there’s no better option for your career than a postgraduate course abroad, as you’ll get the highest quality qualification while gaining experience in an international environment.

Aside from world-class tuition and excellent locations, our postgraduate courses abroad also offer you the unique opportunity to work while you study! With both Ireland and Australia’s visa options, and the school’s flexible timetable, you can balance your studies with gaining valuable experience in an international workplace. Between your time speaking English in class and interacting with locals in your workplace, your English skills will improve beyond your wildest dreams! 

Below is just a small sample of what our business school partners have to offer, but remember, you can always mix and match to create the perfect learning blend for you.

Study areas

Business Analytics

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a thriving business! It takes a huge amount of effort and planning to ensure that a business gets off the ground and stays there — that’s where business analytics fits in. Business analytics subjects are designed for students with an ambition to begin or further their career within the business analytics industry, which is why they will be taught how to build and manage expert teams and to strategically oversee data-driven initiatives. Business analytics includes a broad range of subjects that will build your knowledge and skills, all of which will produce students who are ready for the next stage of their career.


Take your understanding of economics to the next level with this extensive course, and carve your place in the world of business accounting. Your course will give you a variety of skills that will help you in a high-level accounting career, including general management skills, auditing and assurance, data visualisation software, financial reporting, business analytics, and more! Upon graduation, you will be able to analyse accounting effectively and strategically within most business settings.


This course is perfect for students looking to develop the technical know-how to become an expert in the lucrative IT industry. You’ll learn how to solve complex technological problems at a corporate scale for a diverse variety of stakeholders. Throughout your course, you’ll gain a diverse set of skills including programming, database design, application of AI, UX design, website development, and much more. After you gain a greater understanding of this exciting industry, you’ll be able to specialise your studies towards one of four specific specialisations, ranging from programming to cyber security. 


Widely considered as the ultimate qualification for professionals seeking a senior position in industry, an MBA is your key to the upper echelons of the business world. Study an MBA with our business school partners to combine a variety of subjects into the learning path that suits you. An excellent option, whether you want to combine hospitality with analytics, or marketing with accounting — the choice is yours! While a two year degree may seem intimidating, studying it abroad will give a breath of fresh air into your lessons as you expand your horizons and build a strong international network.

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