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Learn Russian in Russia

Interested in learning Russian in Russia? The world’s largest country, the land of the Tsars, and a fascinating history spanning centuries - we don’t blame you! Russia is a unique country, spanning two continents, with a blend of cultures and traditions which have come together to create a modern Russia with so much to explore. Take a Russian course in Russia and gain insight into the meeting of two worlds, for an experience you’ll never forget!

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Frequently asked questions about Russian courses in Russia

Why learn Russian in Russia?

If you’ve decided to learn Russian, you might think it’s enough to study at home, or take a class a few times a week - which is great to get started! But if you really want to progress, there’s no better way to do so than through a Russian course in Russia, where you’ll be surrounded by the language every single day. You’ll eat, sleep, and breathe Russian, practising with the locals, your fellow students, and everyone you meet - so your skills will develop in record time, and all the while you’ll be immersed in a fascinating culture, giving you even further insight into the language and its people.

Where can I study Russian in Russia?

ESL offers courses in two of Russia’s largest cities, Moscow and St Petersburg. Moscow, Russia’s megacity, will offer you the chance to explore this iconic capital at your own pace, learning the language as you take in the combination of centuries of history and the effects of Russia’s rapid modern growth. St Petersburg will allow you to step back in time and marvel at imperial Russia, with grand palaces, theatres, and churches surrounding you as you learn Russian in this incredible city. Explore where ESL can take you on your Russian course in Russia below!

What are the advantages of a Russian course in Russia?

  • You’ll have access to some of the highest quality Russian courses in the world.
  • You’ll study along with students who have travelled from far and wide to experience Russia and its fascinating culture.
  • You’ll get to live like a local in a country which is fast becoming one of the world’s economic powers.
  • You’ll practise Russian every single day as you visit the sights and speak Russian with native speakers 24/7.
Which city should you choose?

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