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New Zealand

Learn English in New Zealand

Half a world away (literally), New Zealand is a nation on the rise when it comes to language travel! Stunning nature, some of the world’s chattiest locals, a blend of Maori and Western culture, and cute cuddly creatures blend together to create the perfect backdrop for an English course in New Zealand. Students travel from far and wide to learn English in New Zealand and experience Kiwi life in full immersion - why not join them with us?

English study destinations in New Zealand

Frequently asked questions about English courses in New Zealand

Where can I study English in New Zealand?

ESL offers a variety of English courses in New Zealand, in different locations that suit every taste and every need. It’s important for you to be in a location where you’ll feel comfortable and enjoy yourself, as it’ll push you to achieve your goals. Try the capital, Wellington, to discover New Zealand’s creative culture and beachside city life, or head to Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, for volcanic summits, vibrant festivals, and a cosmopolitan student community. 

Which city should you choose?

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