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Want to learn German abroad? Find your ideal destination in Austria!

Learn German in Austria

It might not be the first place on your radar if you’re interested in learning German - but if you want fast progression, full immersion, and the chance to experience a new country and culture, look no further than a German course in Austria! Historic palaces, pristine postcard-perfect views, and mouthwatering Austrian pastries are just some of the delights waiting in store for you as you learn German in Austria. Take your language skills to the next level in this year-round wonderland!

German study destinations in Austria

Frequently asked questions about German courses in Austria

Why learn German in Austria?

  • You’ll learn in full immersion, speaking German on the streets and practising with the locals.
  • You’ll have the chance to meet people from around the world and study with people from different cultures, practising your German skills with them.
  • You’ll combine learning with rewarding cultural experiences and a chance to see the sights of Austria, exploring at your own pace and understanding what life there is like.
  • Your German course in Austria won’t just be a chance to improve your language skills - your soft skills will develop as you navigate new places and experience new things.

Where can I take a German course in Austria?

At ESL, we hand select our partner schools, working closely with them to ensure your course is of the highest quality when you learn German in Austria. Try a course in Vienna, where centuries of history are reflected in each and every street, Sacher cakes peek out from bakery windows, and where you’ll discover Austrian art and culture at its finest. Our courses in Salzburg will immerse you in a fairytale city, surrounded by Alpine views and towering fortresses. Browse our courses and let us help you organise your dream language experience in Austria!

Why choose ESL to learn German in Austria?

At ESL, we’ve been committed to providing high quality courses to our students for over 20 years now, and we want you to feel the same passion for languages which motivates us. All of our courses offer:

  • First-class teaching through our extensive network of partner schools.
  • Variety: whether you want to go intensive, take an exam, or study as a hobby, we have the ideal course for you and your needs.
  • Free, personalised advice before, during, and after your stay with us.
  • The chance to experience a language and a culture up close.
Which city should you choose?

Let our experts help you decide - our advice is free & without obligation!