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As the language behind one of the world’s largest economies, and arguably one of the most influential countries of the 21st century, Japanese is now studied by hundreds of thousands of students around the world. Japan’s immense cultural influence and soft power entice visitors and students year in, year out - and it shows no sign of stopping. As one of the first language travel companies to offer Japanese courses abroad, at ESL we have the knowledge and expertise to help you improve your Japanese in the Land of the Rising Sun, and offer an experience you’ll treasure forever. 

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Frequently asked questions about studying Japanese abroad

Why choose to learn Japanese abroad?

Japanese is spoken by 120 million people in the world, residing in one of the most powerful economies in the modern world. Here are just some of the advantages of learning Japanese abroad:

  • you’ll be completely and fully immersed in the Japanese language from the moment you land
  • as you learn and develop, you’ll really get to experience Japanese culture first-hand
  • your willingness to try something new and the skills you gain will add to your career prospects and self-confidence
  • you’ll feel an unbeatable satisfaction from being able to read and write one of the most complex languages in Asia, if not the world! 

Where can I study Japanese abroad?

The world of Japanese at ESL goes further than Tokyo! We offer Japanese language courses in the capital, of course, but also offer you the chance to discover more of Japan and its rich culture through cities like Kobe and Fukuoka. You can learn Japanese while also discovering day-to-day life, absorbing yourself in the modern and ancient traditions of Japan.

Why choose ESL for a Japanese study abroad programme?

We were one of the first in field to offer Japanese courses in Japan, understanding trends and predicting the boom in Asian language learning before it even began! At ESL, learning Japanese abroad is made easy - we support you every step of the way and advise you to help you create your ideal language experience. Our personalised service ensures you feel at ease when making decisions, and the fact that we’ve been helping students find their ideal language experience for over 20 years now means that you know you’re in the best of hands when choosing ESL for your Japanese course abroad. 

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