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Learn Turkish in Turkey

Turkey holds a unique geographical spot as the gateway between Europe and Asia. This means that learning Turkish in Turkey can be important for anyone who is interested in the politics, business, or culture of this region. On top of its importance, Turkey is a delightful country to visit, with a warm, welcoming people, stunning beaches and multicultural architecture.

During your language programme in Turkey, many locals will be impressed that you’re trying to embrace their culture and may even offer to help you over a cup of Turkish coffee! Many new learners report that learning Turkish abroad is much simpler than it seems, and you will be amazed at how much you pick up from just walking down a street in Turkey. and you will be amazed at how much you pick up from simply walking down the street. Learn Turkish in Turkey and gain a useful skill while exploring a unique and blended culture!

Turkish study destinations in Turkey

The writers, artists and musicians who contribute to the contemporary Turkish identity both preserve tradition as well as modernise the culture, inspired by the influence of the country’s young people. Visit capital city, Ankara, and dazzling Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople). Stroll through its winding streets, smell the fragrant air in the spice markets, try the little almond and honey sweets and fall in love with the vibrant colours and friendly people.

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