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Private Junior Lessons at the Teacher’s Home

Private Language Lessons at the Teacher's Home

Looking for the best immersive language courses abroad for juniors? How about a programme that encourages them to speak their second language 24/7 alongside focused, personal lessons with a teacher who knows their preferences and learning objectives? If this sounds appealing, our At the Teacher’s Home programme is the perfect fit for you.

Live and study with a fully qualified language teacher through this unique programme that pairs one (or two students travelling together) with a host that will provide juniors with private language courses abroad based on their interests and language level. The student will be placed in a fully  native environment, learning by using the newfound vocabulary in daily situations, taking school knowledge to a whole other level! Whether preparing for an exam, trying to improve language level in a limited time frame, or just not as comfortable in a classroom, this programme is perfect for students looking for a smart holiday! 

About our immersive language courses abroad for juniors

  • A choice of 15, 20, 25 or 30 academic teaching hours per week alongside constant natural practise throughout the day
  • Open to participants of all levels 
  • Language immersion from the start of the morning to the end of night
  • Live, study and explore the destination with an authentic guide to local culture 
  • Full board provided 
  • Also available for a 1-to-2 arrangement for two students of similar level and common interests
  • Personalised tuition, with classes handcrafted for your needs – the quickest and most efficient way to achieve your language goals


Our At the Teacher’s Home programme is available in many destinations throughout the world. Most of our host teachers live in smaller areas such as towns and suburbs, outside of the traditional tourist hubs. This will give you a more authentic and down to earth experience, but you will  still be able to rely on your host as the perfect guide for when you want to go sight-seeing!

Why live at the teacher’s home?

  • Full, round the clock immersion into your target language, with zero possibility to speak your native language — giving you no choice but to practise and learn in a welcoming environment
  • Personalised one-to-one lessons to help you reach your objectives as quickly as possible
  • Flexible programmes that can be adapted to all levels and study lengths
  • Comfort, convenience, and safety — all of our hosts are carefully selected to ensure young learners have the best time abroad
  • Accommodation, board, and teaching — all available in one convenient package, in one place: the teacher’s house!

This programme is perfect for… 

  • Anyone who is looking to make as much progress as possible during their time abroad
  • Learners who do not thrive in a traditional classroom or would prefer to learn directly with a friend, sibling, or parent in a 2-1 setting
  • Students who are working towards a specific goal such as a language exam
  • Learners with a physical or learning disability — some of our host teachers are trained to teach with a specialised methodology 
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Want to hear more about what we can do for you? Reach out to us for more information, you’ll be under no obligation to book! If you’d rather read more about our courses and destinations, don’t hesitate to ask for your free brochure.

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