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Want to learn English abroad? Find your ideal destination in Barbados!

Learn English in Barbados

Learning English in Barbados is your opportunity to study the most widely spoken language in the world in a Caribbean paradise. From its turquoise clear waters, white sand beaches and gently swaying palm trees; the scenery in Barbados is straight out of a postcard! When you’re not at the beach, you’ll have the opportunity to learn English in a country whose official and dominant language is English.

Your language programme in Barbados will encourage you to speak with the local people, famous for their warm hospitality and friendliness to visitors. While travelling around this beautiful island, make sure to sample some of the unique, bold Caribbean food on offer and soak up the rustic colonial architecture of the many towns and cities. Study English in Barbados and find the perfect blend between tropical holiday and extensive language learning!

English study destinations in Barbados

Get to know the local Barbadians and you’ll be overwhelmed by their welcoming nature, friendliness and generosity. Surrounded by blue skies and crystal clear waters, Barbados has a rich, unique culture. Explore tropical botanical gardens by day, and when the sun goes down, experience the buzzing nightlife that will keep you out dancing to the steel drums until dawn. Barbados is one-of-a-kind and the perfect place to learn English in the tropics!

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