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Learn Russian in Ukraine

Learning Russian abroad is an ideal path for you to take your professional and personal life. With more than 200 million speakers in Eastern Europe, Russia and across the world, you’ll be accessing a rich, global community and culture. Learning Russian in Ukraine will allow you to experience a country and culture that is often overlooked by travellers. Through your language programme in Ukraine, you will be able to explore the beautiful cities across the country, experience the local cuisine and unwind the unique mix of cultures that make up the country. While Russian is not the main language of Ukraine, a grand majority of the country speaks it and will be happy to practice it with you while you explore their country. Learn Russian in Ukraine and see a new side to the Russian language while unravelling the secrets that Ukraine has to offer!

Russian study destinations in Ukraine

Its rich cultural heritage is incomparable: golden domes, Turkish architecture and Byzantine mosaics evoke centuries past throughout the Ukraine’s many villages. Foodies will be delighted by the locals’ love of good food and fine wine, and the southern coast and beautiful beaches on the Black Sea will take your breath away!

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