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Kai Japanese Language School

Kai Japanese Language School

A school with high standards, which is modern and attractive, awaits you for your Japanese classes in the centre of the capital. For more than twenty years, KAI Language School has been accompanying students in their learning of this fascinating language which is Japanese. You will find experienced teachers and a high-performance infrastructure in our partner school. The atmosphere in the spacious classrooms is serene. Common areas invite you to take a break in the company of the other international participants. More than 30 nationalities are represented! Enjoy the sun on the terrace and take advantage of the multiple activities proposed in order to improve your knowledge of the language and the culture of the country. You will be able to let off steam in a large sports complex in Shinjuku, right beside the school, or else go to the swimming pool to relax after classes. Less than a quarter of an hour away on foot, the Waseda University and its documentation centres are open to international students. Our partner school is located close to the very lively district of Shinjuku where you will find numerous restaurants, cafés, cinemas, shops and shopping centres. Therefore, you will have no problem in getting something to eat or just soaking in the atmosphere of Tokyo. A metro station and the Shinjuku train station are a stone's throw away, and therefore ideal for connecting you to the other districts of this exciting city.

School Highlights

Kai Japanese Language School
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Key points

  • Captivating city with thousands of leisure possibilities
  • Reputed school with high teaching standards
  • A unique approach to Japanese culture and art
  • Excellent network of host families
  • Large diversity of nationalities among the students

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ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.


Host family

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Our partner school proposes host family accommodation in order that you may take full advantage of your language study stay which will turn into full immersion in the Japanese language and culture. The families selected by KAI Language School offer a familial and welcoming atmosphere. Situated between 60 or 90 minutes by public transport from the course centre, they accommodate you in a single room and provide you with half board. A marvellous opportunity to share in the daily life of a family in Tokyo!

Why choose our accommodation

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Guaranteed Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation can be stressful. That’s why we guarantee that we’ll find the perfect housing option for you before you even land in your destination.

Convenient Transport

Our accommodation is hand-picked to make sure your journey to the classroom is as safe, reliable, and smooth as possible.

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Safer and more comfortable

All of our accommodation options are rigorously screened to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting when you make the choice to book your program.