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If you’re the type who wants to get off the beaten track and explore what it’s like to live like a local, learning Korean in Busan is for you. A Korean course in Busan will give you a real insight into day-to-day Korean life, in a city teeming with culture and personality. As you study Korean in Busan, you’ll experience the city’s incredible blend of modern and traditional, from soaring skyscrapers to secluded temples in the hills, making for an unforgettable language study holiday!

Korean courses in Busan
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Korean schools in Busan

A city with multiple personalities, learning Korean in Busan will allow you to travel back in time to Korea’s traditional way of life, while also showing you South Korea’s ultra-modern, fast-paced lifestyle. On a Korean course in Busan, you’ll take part in dynamic, immersive lessons, before practising your Korean in the city, with ajummas at the seaside Jagalchi market and soju vendors in the city. From Yeong Island to Haeundae Beach, you’ll discover the best sights as you study Korean in Busan!

Why study Korean in Busan?

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City life
  • Busan is a lively, cosmopolitan city, where you can admire city views from the modern Busan Tower, shop in the thriving area of Nampo-dong, and explore an ancient seafront temple at Haedong Yonggungsa.
  • As you learn Korean in Busan, don’t miss your chance to try the authentic street food eomuk, a fishcake, and wander the beautiful gardens in Yongdusan Park - contact us for more information about living in Busan.
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  • While you’re studying Korean in Busan, make a trip to Hadong province to see how organic tea is grown in the region - Agyang’s tea fields are particularly beautiful.
  • Alternatively, if you fancy exploring another South Korean city on your language study holiday, visit Daegu, a compact city with a lively night market.
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  • Busan’s seafront location means there are plenty of opportunities for you to try watersports while learning Korean abroad, including sailing and surfing.
  • If you want to explore Korean culture on your language course abroad, take a cooking class in the city, where you’ll learn more about typical ingredients including seafood!

Popular questions about studying Korean in Busan:

How much does it cost to live and study in Busan?

Our Korean courses in Busan start from just 354 EUR per week, and other costs in this seaside city are also low. On average, a traditional Korean meal out could be less than 4 EUR (5000 KRW) while coffee in a cafe might come to 2.95 EUR (4000 KRW). Remember, you can reach out to us for a free quote for your language studies abroad in Korea.

What are the benefits of studying Korean in Busan?

  • On a Korean course in Busan, you’ll be immersed in city life, seeing hangul everywhere you go and practising your Korean with locals.
  • Busan is a dynamic city, offering something for everyone learning Korean abroad - whether you’re looking for work opportunities or just want to discover historic sights, this city has everything.

What type of Korean courses can I study in Busan?

On a Korean course in Busan at one of our partner language schools, you’ll feel welcomed from day one by encouraging, supportive staff, and you’ll also meet people from around the world, with a huge mix of nationalities represented on every course! Our language courses abroad in Busan include:

  • Standard lessons from A1 to C1 level
  • Intensive combined private and group courses

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