Learn Spanish in Chile

Long, gangly Chile snakes down the west coast of South America for over 4000km, wedged between the Andean Cordillera and the Pacific Ocean. In that space, you will find everything from the world’s driest desert to the breathtaking glaciers of Tierra del Fuego via some of the world’s finest vineyards and a hip capital city. Quite simply, Chile can be what you want it to be. A Spanish course in Chile with ESL is the ideal way to discover the country.

Chile is the home of Neruda and Allende, where stunning Pacific sunsets can be enjoyed from some of the most serene beaches in the Americas. Savour a Chilean ceviche (raw fish “cooked” in citrus juice, served with chillies and coriander) alongside a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, fresh from the Bodega as it is supposed to be, and discover why Chileans are so proud of their country and happy to welcome visitors.

Some people from neighbouring countries poke fun at Chileans for being a little ‘serious’, but this seriousness has some serious benefits for visitors, in terms of a strong and functioning infrastructure; a rarity in South America. This means that you are free to enjoy this sometimes staggeringly beautiful country in security. Chileans rightly say that their neighbours are just jealous!

In a forgotten Indian dialect, the word Chile means “there where the earth ends”... where better to start your Latin American adventure?

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