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One language, 95 million speakers, and the gateway to one of the most powerful economies in the modern world. German is fast growing in popularity across Europe among language learners, and the reasons why are obvious! German is the language of innovation, the language of business, and a key driver in the EU today. At ESL, we have the experience to help you create your ideal German course abroad, and thousands of students have already trusted us to help them take their language skills to the next level.

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Why learn German?

German is a key player in the languages of business and commerce, but that’s not the only reason German is a great language to learn. It’s the most spoken language in the European Union with an estimated 100 million speakers, and is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Studying German abroad opens many doors, and in addition, German is an incredibly interesting language to learn! Despite its fame for technical grammar, German is also a playful language which allows learners to play with words, join ideas together, and really enjoy their student experience!

What are the advantages of learning German abroad?

German study abroad programmes are a great idea if you want to:

  • experience full immersion and speak and hear German 24/7
  • learn what it’s like to live in another culture
  • explore the rich culture of Germany and other countries which speak the language
  • boost your CV and improve your language profile
  • communicate with people from across Europe

Where is the best place to do a German course abroad?

The great thing about German is that you have many options to choose from when it comes to selecting your ideal German study abroad programme. At ESL, we offer courses not just in Germany, but also in Switzerland and Austria too, meaning no matter what your goals are, you’ll be sure to find the perfect course to help you achieve them. From Berlin to Zurich, and Vienna to Munich, we have a wide range of courses to help you learn German abroad, and your very own travel consultant to help you tailor your journey every step of the way.

How to evaluate your German level?

If you wish to know your German level before enrolling in a language course abroad, you can take our free online German test. You will receive an immediate assessment of your German level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The final result will give you an idea of the areas where you are strongest and those where you should work on. Furthermore, it can be used to choose the right level for your German language course.

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