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Canada is huge. 6 time zones, almost 10,000,000 square kilometres, over 200,000 kilometres of coastline (that's not a typo!) and two official languages are just the start of it. But, despite this size and natural diversity, you know straight away when you’ve arrived in Canada. The air is fresh; the blue skies endless and Canadian people have the warmth of those who know the cold. Whatever you’re looking for in Canada, you will find it, and then some. 

If you want to live a healthy life in stunning surroundings, look no further. Whistler, just over 100km north of Vancouver, is the possibly the finest ski resort in North America and hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. There are dozens more smaller resorts to cater for every taste. In the summer months, swap your snowboard for a mountain bike or hiking boots and explore the startling mountain scenery under the warm sunshine.

Away from the well-skied routes of the popular resorts, there is vast wilderness to explore. Bears, cougars, wolves, raccoons, moose and wild turkey are some of the animals you may come across on a Canadian “safari”. People here are serious about protecting the natural environment and work hard to preserve it. There are just 3.3 people per square kilometre and when you consider how busy the metropolitan areas are, you get some idea of just how far the untouched forests, glaciers, lakes and mountains of Canada’s national parks stretch.

Canada’s cities are cool, liberal places where the arts thrive in cosmopolitan surroundings. Centuries of immigration make for excellent music, food and cultural events in Vancouver, Toronto and bilingual Montreal. You won’t find a better or more original music scene anywhere and the live shows go on throughout the night. Expect exceptional museums, top shopping and all the best of city living.

Have the best of both worlds, eh? Learn English in Canada with ESL.

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