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Dutch: one language, two countries in Europe, and 24 million speakers worldwide. As one of the European Union’s key languages, Dutch is a useful string to your bow when it comes to living and working abroad. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to learn Dutch abroad - studying in a new country, making international friends, using it for work purposes, or simply for fun - at ESL we can help you find the ideal Dutch study abroad programme to let you achieve your goals and make wonderful memories!

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Why learn Dutch?


Dutch has a reputation as an easy language to learn for most speakers of a European-based language. Even though it shares more similarities with Germanic languages, it’s fairly phonetic, meaning most words are spoken as they’re written. This makes the language learning process fun and interesting, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can progress! As Dutch is one of the key languages in the EU, a Dutch course abroad is a standout experience in today’s competitive job market, showing not just language skills but the flexibility to live and learn in a new country!


Where can I learn Dutch abroad?


In Europe, Dutch is spoken in The Netherlands, where it is the country’s official language, but it is also spoken in Belgium, where about 60% of the population speak it. Dutch is also spoken in other areas of the world, like the Dutch Antilles and Suriname. ESL offers Dutch courses abroad in The Netherlands and Belgium, where we tailor your language stay to suit your needs, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner. We can create the ideal Dutch course for you, help you decide on your accommodation, and give you special insider tips and knowledge, all of which will support you in achieving your goals as you learn Dutch abroad.


Is the Dutch spoken in Belgium different?


You may have seen the name ‘Flemish’ when describing the Dutch spoken in Belgium, but there’s no need to worry. The Dutch spoken in both countries is very similar, and the variations between the two are similar to changes in accents between regions as you travel across a country! Our partner schools always keep variations in mind, so wherever you choose to study Dutch abroad, you’ll be able to communicate with people who speak Dutch no matter where you go in the world!

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