Spanish courses in Cartagena

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If you decide to learn Spanish in Cartagena, you'll have an unforgettable stay! Relax on picture-perfect beaches, admire the gems of colonial architecture, and enjoy its tropical atmosphere, all the while making incredible progress on a Spanish course in Cartagena. Whether you’re looking to explore the history, cuisine, or traditional culture on your language study holiday, you’ll make incredible memories studying Spanish in Cartagena!

Spanish courses in Cartagena
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Spanish schools in Cartagena

There’s so much to experience on a Spanish course in Cartagena, from the incredible colonial old town to volcanoes, markets, and tropical beaches, this destination has it all. Our partner schools will make sure that you’re immersed in language learning from the moment you arrive, so you'll make quick progress studying Spanish abroad as you explore the sights of the city. From the historic city walls to the hip district of Getsemani, you’ll immerse yourself in Colombian culture as you study Spanish in Cartagena!

Why study Spanish in Cartagena?

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City life
  • Experience the true lifestyle of Cartagena as you study Spanish abroad at Mercado de Bazurto, filled with local produce, or pick up some traditional street food like arepas and lemonade in the plazas! 
  • Other must-see sights on your Spanish course in Cartagena are the Convento De La Popa, where you can admire incredible views of the city, and the tranquil city beaches of Bocagrande - contact us for more information about living in Cartagena.
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  • A popular day trip from Cartagena is a visit to El Totumo, a small volcano just outside the city where you can take a break from learning Spanish in Cartagena with a relaxing mud bath!
  • To discover tropical landscapes, take a boat to the Islas del Rosario, a chain of picture-perfect islands just off the coast where you can sunbathe and swim in the crystal-clear waters.
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  • Cartagena offers something for every Spanish learner on their language course abroad, from surfing lessons on the beach to cooking classes.
  • If you’re fascinated by the history of Cartagena, join a walking tour to find out more, while you might also try a hiking tour through the wild surroundings of the city!

Popular questions about studying Spanish in Cartagena:

How much does it cost to live and study in Cartagena?

ESL’s Spanish courses in Cartagena start from just 173 EUR, and it’s definitely possible to live in the city on a budget. A meal out at a local restaurant in Cartagena could cost 4.50 EUR (20000 COP), while coffee in a cafe won’t cost more than 1.15 EUR (5000 COP). Reach out to ESL for a free quote for your language studies abroad in Colombia!

What are the benefits of studying Spanish in Cartagena?

  • Cartagena is a beautiful colonial city, where, as you speak to locals and explore the sights, you’ll make incredible progress studying Spanish abroad.
  • This city offers a great combination of beach life and big-city amenities, so everyone who chooses a Spanish course in Cartagena will have an unforgettable time.

What type of Spanish courses can I study in Cartagena?

Our partner schools in Cartagena offer a wide variety of language courses abroad, from beginner to advanced level, so you’ll find the right Spanish course in Cartagena no matter your skills! Some of the courses our partner schools offer include:

  • Lessons from A1 to C1 level, including intensive courses
  • Spanish plus activity courses (e.g. volunteer work, dance)
  • One-to-one lessons

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