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As the former capital of Italy, Turin has all of the interesting history, impressive architecture, and world-class cuisine you can expect from other major cities in the country. However, the city is still a hidden gem, with very few tourists visiting throughout the year! Studying Italian in Turin is an authentic way to step off the beaten track and experience the treasures that Italy has to offer.

Learn Italian in Turin
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Italian schools in Turin

Through our Italian schools in Turin, you can have an aperitivo in the city that invented the concept! And with thousands of cafes and plenty of historical plazas to choose from, you’ll never run out of spots to visit with your new friends. Our schools offer a wide range of courses to suit all levels, and after class, there are plenty of organised activities, both free and otherwise, to help you explore the city.

Why study Italian in Turin?

City life
  • Chocolate and coffee lovers will appreciate that the first solid and spreadable chocolate came from Turin, as well as one of Italy’s most successful coffee brands: Lavazza!
  • Throughout the city, you’ll find a fascinating mix of both the plazas and palazzi of Baroque architecture and modern architecture.
  • To explore two gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Sites – make sure to travel to the Palace of Venaria and the Stupinigi Royal Hunting Lodge, both within proximity to the city centre.
  • Due to its prime location in northern Italy, you have plenty of options for visiting some incredible cities, including Milan, or even Geneva, Switzerland!
  • Turin hosts a huge variety of world-class museums, including the popular Cinema Museum, and the second-largest Egyptian museum in the world.
  • History comes alive within the city, and you can see this through the many historical re-enactments that occur – including The Ivrea Carnival and The Siege of Canelli.

Popular questions about studying Italian in Turin:

How much does it cost to live and study in Turin?

As one of the lesser-known gems of Northern Italy, prices in Turin are relatively low compared to other cities in the region. When eating out, you can expect to pay around 15 euros for a full meal and just 1.50 euros for a classic Italian cappuccino. When travelling the city, you can expect to pay around 1.70 euros for a one-way travel ticket or 40 euros for an unlimited monthly pass. Reach out to ESL for a free quote for your language studies abroad in Italy!

What type of Italian courses can I study in Turin?

Our Italian schools in Turin offer a wide variety of courses for you to learn, no matter your preferences or requirements. You can choose from group classes (both intensive and semi-intensive), smaller group classes, and even one on one private classes! For students who plan to pursue a life in Turin or want to prepare for an accredited Italian exam, we also have specialised classes for you!

What are the benefits of studying Italian in Turin?

  • Turin is a fully authentic slice of Italy, as such, you’ll find that you’ll be using Italian daily in your life outside of the classroom. Whether it's a vibrant conversation in a cafe, a trip to the local market, or simply taking the bus – you’ll be using your classroom knowledge
  • As the first capital of Italy, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to soak up Italian culture, as you explore the history, cuisine, and architecture that make the country famous!

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