Italian courses in Florence

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With unrivalled culture and an incredible culinary tradition, learn Italian in Florence and you’ll be in the company of welcoming and kind locals, surrounded by some of the most historic architecture in Italy. Immerse yourself in this iconic city and study Italian in Florence, strolling streets steeped in history and finding yourself lost in its charm. ESL can help you find your ideal Italian course in Florence for a language journey you’ll never forget!

Italian courses in Florence
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Italian schools in Florence

Italian is an exciting, passionate language which constantly attracts new learners wanting to discover more of Italy and its incredible scenery and friendly locals, and following an Italian course in Florence is the perfect way to experience Italy’s history and culture! Our partner schools offer a range of intensive courses which are sure to propel your language skills, while you’ll be studying Italian in Florence near the Museo Novecento and the Museum of Craft - home to Michelangelo’s famous David sculpture!

Why study Italian in Florence?

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City life
  • As you learn Italian in Florence, you’ll rapidly develop your skills through total immersion in the language and the culture of Italy, exploring iconic sights such as the Uffizi Gallery and Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.
  • Make sure to wander over the iconic Ponte Vecchio, shop like a local in Mercato Centrale, and indulge in a traditional Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine steak) and gelato at the end of the day!
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  • From Florence, it’s easy to head out and explore the stunning countryside in Tuscany, a region renowned around the world for its rolling hills, picturesque villages, and regional cuisine.
  • For a taste of rural life, head to San Gimignano, a charming hilltop town where you can taste local wines and try your hand at pasta making - it’s the perfect day trip for exploring local culture on your Italian course in Florence!
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  • As you follow an Italian course in Florence, you’ll create new opportunities for yourself by trying out new things and navigating a new country and way of life - perfect skills for any modern professional!
  • As you study Italian in Florence, you can also explore exciting internship opportunities in the city through our partner schools - contact us for more information about working in Florence.

Popular questions about studying Italian in Florence:

How much does it cost to live and study in Florence?

Our Italian courses in Florence start from just 260 EUR a week, and you can also eat out in the city for cheap - a traditional meal could cost just 15 EUR. Reach out to ESL for a free quote for your language study abroad in Italy!

What are the benefits of studying Italian in Florence?

  • As the capital of Tuscany, Florence benefits from all the attractions of a major city, from museums and galleries to exquisite restaurants and bustling bars - while being close enough to the countryside for a quiet escape from your Italian course in Italy!
  • This city attracts expats and professionals from all over the world who are interested in learning about Italian history and exploring Renaissance art, meaning you’ll have plenty of people to practice your language skills with as you study Italian in Florence.

What type of Italian courses can I study in Florence?

Our partner schools will support you with dynamic teaching methods and a friendly, welcoming environment, so you’ll be able to progress quickly as you learn Italian in Florence. Just let us know what kind of language course you’re interested in, and we’ll find the ideal school to suit your needs and the course that will help you achieve your goals. Some of the Italian courses in Florence we offer include:

  • Standard courses from A1 to C1 level, including intensive courses
  • One-to-one lessons
  • Italian plus activity classes, including cooking and arts

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