Learn English in Monmouth

Wales is famous for its enchanting outdoors and charming historical villages – nowhere captures this quite as well as Monmouth. Combining plenty of fascinating examples of ancient architecture, and close to the emerald fields and luscious forests that characterise Welsh nature – Monmouth is the spirit of Wales.

Learn English in Monmouth
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English schools in Monmouth

Schools in Monmouth are welcoming, have a mix of nationalities, and provide a high-quality education to their students. The schools provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy the gorgeous surrounding nature, whether that be through sports, excursions or generous outdoor facilities. Contact the ESL team, and we’ll match you with the perfect school! Throughout your time in the school, you’ll be able to explore the surrounding area through several day trips to fantastic cities such as London and Cardiff.

Why study English in Monmouth?

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City Life
  • Monmouth has roots that date back to the 11th century – as such, wandering around it can feel like walking through a window back in time while you wander its cobbled streets and age-old buildings.
  • Your time in the city can be as relaxed or as lively as you would like. As you can choose to either take a leisurely stroll in the surrounding nature or explore the traditional markets and lively pubs.
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  • While Monmouth is perfect for both nature and history – its surrounding area holds even more treasures! Make sure to take a trip to one of the many RSPB reserves in the area, to spy some of Britain’s elegant wildlife, or the ancient Raglan castle, all just a short drive from the city.
  • Despite its calm and tranquil surroundings, Monmouth enjoys the perfect location for a city break – being just an hour from both Cardiff and Bristol – you can embrace this vibrant energy at your convenience.
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  • With its clear air, blue skies, and miles of green fields, Monmouth is an ideal place for outdoor sports and you’ll be able to play them all! Including football and rugby – which are particularly popular in the area.
  • Monmouth hosts plenty of unique restaurants, cafes, and pubs for you to explore during your time in the city.

Popular Questions about Studying English in Monmouth

How much does it cost to live and study in Monmouth?

Monmouth is an ideal place for both budget and luxury travellers, as you can find several options for your accommodation, leisure, and food. During your stay in Monmouth, you can expect to budget between 17 - 70 euros for your transport, meals, and activities in a day.

What type of English courses can I study in Monmouth?

Our schools in Monmouth offer high-quality English education, you can experience it for yourself in a general English course with a class of other like-minded students. The schools also take advantage of Monmouth’s great outdoors by offering English lessons alongside sports.

What are the benefits of studying English in Monmouth?

  • Studying English in Monmouth will give you a unique experience off the beaten path and gain a better understanding of the unique culture of Wales.
  • Students who enjoy sports will be able to pursue their favourite hobby throughout their time in Monmouth, as our schools offer high-quality facilities and a great outdoor environment.

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