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For many, learning English in New York is a dream come true: living life in one of the world’s most celebrated cities while developing your English language skills every single day with the friendly locals and expats! Learn English in New York and create your very own American Dream while visiting all the best hotspots, from Manhattan to the Statue of Liberty and Coney Island!

English courses in New York
New York
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English schools in New York

ESL offers a wide range of English courses in the US, but studying English in New York remains one of our most popular options, enticing students from across the world year in, year out! The lively nature of the city, international status, and iconic attractions mean learning English in New York will be unforgettable, and we have partner schools located across the city. Choose between studying next to Central Park, in the middle of hip Brooklyn, or in leafy Bronxville, and have an extraordinary language stay abroad! 

Why study english in New York?

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City life
  • Immerse yourself in life in the Big Apple as you learn English in New York, exploring iconic sights like the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Brooklyn Bridge, while picking up the famous New York accent!
  • Students from all over the world visit New York to study English abroad, attracted to its international standing and diverse population, so you’ll be practicing your English with people from all over the world - contact us for more information about our English courses in New York
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  • New York is perfectly located for exploring the rest of the diverse East Coast of the US - from Boston to Philadelphia and even the capital, Washington D.C., you can explore plenty of history as you study English in New York
  • For a weekend getaway in the wilderness head to Bear Mountain, a stunning state park with plenty of hiking trails, or soak up Atlantic Ocean views on quiet Fire Island!
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  • There’s so many exciting opportunities to explore on an English course in New York, from sightseeing tours of New York Bay to carriage rides in Central Park
  • Grab a bike and cycle to iconic neighbourhoods like Brooklyn and Little Italy - the perfect way to explore the quieter areas of the city

Popular questions about studying English in New York:

How much does it cost to live and study in New York?

ESL’s English courses in New York start from as low as 391 EUR (440 USD) per week, and if you stick to street food like pizza, you could eat for as little as 2.50 EUR (3 USD)! The city’s public transport is also relatively affordable - it operates 24 hours a day, and a single ticket costs 2.30 EUR (2.75 USD). Contact us today for a free quote to learn English abroad in the United States.


What are the benefits of studying English in New York?

  • Study English abroad in one of the world’s most iconic, exciting cities, where there’s something to see on every corner, and new things to experience every day with thousands of other international students!
  • Adult learners will find plenty of culture to explore on their language course abroad, while junior learners can mingle with the extensive international student population

What type of English courses can I study in New York?

Whether you’re looking to learn English in New York for fun and travel, you need it for work, or if you’ve decided you want to take an official exam, our partner schools offer a wide range of choice and flexible course options for each and every student. Some of our popular courses include:

  • Lessons from A1 to C1 level, including intensive and one-to-one options
  • Combined English and business courses
  • TOEFL and TOEIC exam preparation courses 
  • English and subject courses, including fashion

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