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In order to see a thousand years of history, it is necessary to go to Beijing, but in order to get to know present China, it is necessary to dare Shanghai…Fascinating in its contrasts, the largest Chinese city awaits you for a mind-blowing language study stay!
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8 minutes exactly! From the international airport of Pudong to the Longyang Lu station with a magnetised « Maglev » : Impressive! An average of more than 200, a maximum of 350km/h ! A nice entrance for having a foretaste of the tempo which continually animates the « Pearl of the Orient »…Gigantic, pulsating, hyperactive, Shanghai has known a phenomenal expansion these last few years. Nothing is too expensive, nor too beautiful, nor too high when it is a matter of making up for lost time and to forget the other, that of bureaucratic collectivism. Eager to break records and taking the vertical heights of America as a model to pass out, this bustling megalopolis has frantically launched itself into the third millenium and with a modernity that it is already ahead of to a large extent. In less than 10 years, Shanghai has managed to become a leading economic centre and already sees itself as being the large financial capital of the China of tomorrow. With « barely » 20 million inhabitants, it counts for itself only a fifth of national industrial production. A powerful wave of modernisation is stirring up the whole of China, and it seems to be coming from Shanghai. But the very nature of waves is to pass. The salty breezes of Huangpu will certainly bring with them property fever and the dizziness of a two-figure growth rate…Shanghai will stay. The age-old port of Yang Tse Kiang, a fantasy reservoir in the 1920s, fashion capital and of endless parties, a cosmopolitan metropolis with futuristic architecture, the mysterious city of the Blue Lotus…Whatever your expectations, dive a little, a lot, passionately into the magical universe of Shanghai…without equal!
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