Learn Spanish in Argentina

A country that is almost a continent in itself, with everything from stunning blue Patagonian glaciers, tropical jungle and vast plains to one of the world’s most vibrant capital cities, Argentina is a superb place to learn Spanish. Argentineans are a diverse bunch too and you will find many Germanic and even British names mixed in with the Spanish and Italian ones in the extravagant cemeteries that dot the capital city. While the people here don’t forget their European roots, they love their beautiful home and so will you.

Trying to define what makes the Argentinean spirit is difficult in a country that stretches over 3,600km from tip to toe and spans almost the width of a continent, but one thing that will strike you from the rich jungle greens of tropical north to the glacial blues of the south, the bustle of Avenida Corrientes in Buenos Aires to the peaceful vineyards around Mendoza, is the warm welcome and passion for life... and football!

Los Argentinos have endured various dictators, economic crises and a disproportionate number of defeats by arch-football-enemies Brazil, but take this all in their stride and sometimes even seem to enjoy a little gloom. The tango, so typically Argentine, is a dance of sultry sensuality, to music tinged with sadness. But nobody lets a little melancholy get in the way of a good time.

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