Learn Greek in Greece

Greece is a place of contrasts and contradictions. The birthplace of democracy was under military rule until 1974. The rapidly-changing country is having difficulty integrating with a Europe that it once led. The energy and creativity of the young clashes with the older generation who’ve seen it all before. Through it all, Greece remains a fantastic place to visit, whether you want the bustle of Athens or the sublime tranquillity of the Greek Islands, where the astounding scenery has changed little since the days of Homer. 

Nights out in Greece start late and really get going long after most of Europe has gone to bed! Start your evening in one of the modern tavernas that have appeared across Athens and experience classic Greek cuisine with a twenty first century twist. Afterwards, head to a nightclub and mix with the gorgeous Athenians until the hot sun rises. Hip university town Thessaloniki offers something different. The modern city is Greece’s cultural heart, where all kinds of artistic activities are played out against a classical backdrop. Across the country, you can find monuments to Greece’s unique history.

Away from the urban sprawl lies another, truly beautiful Greece. Glorious, graceful and diverse islands sit in the warm turquoise water of the Mediterranean. Year round clear skies and super-hot summers leave you plenty of quiet spots to practice your Greek skills, perhaps lying back on the white sand after a refreshing dip in the evening water at sunset.

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