Learn French in Canada

You might have an image of Canada as the kindly, educated uncle to the USA’s opinionated teenage brat. But it might be fairer to say Canada’s the kindly, educated uncle that has a better record collection and goes to cooler parties. Breathtakingly diverse, as you would expect from a country that spans six time zones, Canada has everything from wild, untamed nature to wild, untamed nightlife. It really depends on how you want to enjoy your Canadian experience.

The natural setting is quite amazing. Glaciers, untouched forests, plains, vast lakes and over 200,000km of coastline are just the tip of the iceberg (you can find those too). In the mountains of the Jasper National Park, you can discover why the Canadians do so well in the Winter Olympics. In the winter, the skiing and snowboarding conditions are excellent. The summer months are perfect for hiking or biking under the vast, blue skies. Watch out for the moose!

In contrast to the tranquillity of the wilderness, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal have an unmatched urban buzz and lively cultural calendars. Montreal and Quebec are two of the world’s great bilingual cities where you can improve your French while enjoying all the advantages of city living. The one thing that is constant throughout this huge country is that famously warm Canadian welcome. Visitors from all over the world are made to feel at home in Canada, which has a long history of immigration. This is evident in the excellent food that can be found across the country.

Your time in Canada will stay with you forever.

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