Learn English in Philippines

The Philippines may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of learning English, but this vast, diverse archipelago offers an experience unlike any other. This is a country that was ruled by the Spanish for 300 years and the Americans for a further 30, has Polynesian, Malay, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Catholic history and is currently enjoying a period of unprecedented prosperity.

To understand the Philippines, you must understand the spirit of Bayanihan. 92 million Filipinos are brought together by a spirit of communal unity and camaraderie which goes back for hundreds of years. In the past, this meant volunteering to help neighbours move house by literally picking up the corners of their house and moving it, but nowadays it is about being good to each other and welcoming visitors. Combined with a Latin passion for a good fiesta, this translates into a warm welcome like no other!

English is spoken widely across the islands, particularly in capital city Manila, one of the most frenetic cities on the planet. This has played a significant part in The Philippines’ recent economic growth, with many large international businesses taking advantage of a highly educated and ambitious workforce with excellent English. After being granted full independence by the USA in 1946, the language stuck.

Outside of Manila’s sprawl, the Philippines is home to astounding natural scenery, both on land and underwater. You will find some of the world’s finest diving sites along the thousands of kilometres of coral lined coast. Swim with whale sharks off Donsol or enjoy white sand seclusion on the pristine beaches of Malapascua. The summer months of March to May are the hottest months, while the rainy season is from June to October with strong typhoons possible. Learn English in the Philippines and see firsthand why English is called the first “global language”.

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