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If you’re looking for an English course that’ll let you explore the world down under, you’ve come to the right place. Learning English in Australia is a popular choice for students who want to experience a brand new, exciting lifestyle a world away from European life. Learn the world’s most-spoken language and gain invaluable life skills during your English course in Australia, and meet students from every corner of the globe. Our many years of experience at ESL allow us to offer you high-quality courses and learn quickly as you explore a new country. Australia is waiting for you!

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Why learn English in Australia?

Popular with the adventurers among us, Australia offers the chance to learn English in a brand new environment, and experience the famously laid-back, easy-going Australian lifestyle first-hand. While it’s a long way across the oceans, Australia is a popular choice among ESL students, as the cost of living and price of language courses compared to other English-speaking cities around the world is often greatly reduced. On top of this, Australia is a welcoming, friendly country which will give you ample opportunity to practise and develop your language skills with students who travel from around the world to experience Australian life.

Is Australian English different?

Australian English is actually very similar to British English, through the history the two nations share and their cultural ties, still relevant today. The grammar you’ll learn if you study English in Australia is largely the same as the British English widely taught in Europe. Australia does use some different vocabulary, sometimes influenced by the USA, so you’ll be learning a more global English - an important life skill and asset if you want to learn English for business and travel!

Where can I learn English in Australia?

The sheer size of the land down under means there are many locations available for you to take an English course in Australia. Most Australian cities are found on the coast, so you’ll be close to the sea or the beach no matter where you go. Our English courses are available in world-famous locations such as Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, but we also allow you the opportunity to experience the surfer lifestyle in areas like Byron Bay, the Gold Coast, and Cairns. Discover Australia through different eyes on an English course abroad!

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