Learn Arabic in Morocco

Morocco may be physically close to Europe but it is really another world. A land of fascinating contrasts, bold colours and fragrant spices, you may need a little while to get your bearings, but, once you do, Morocco offers an experience like on other.

Tangier is just 30km from Gibraltar, but you immediately feel transported upon arrival. This is where Africa and the Arabic world rub shoulders with Europe. The familiar Moorish architecture of Andalucia lines the busy streets, where you can relax with a shisha, tuck in to a delicious tagine at a leisurely pace or get stuck in to some serious haggling at the Souk.

Enchanted capital city Rabat is the kind of place where all plans go awry in the best possible way. Exploring the city on foot, you will find plenty to do, whether exploring the Kasbah of the Oudaias, stopping for a sweet snack at a cafe or bargain hunting at the Medina, where tourists buy traditional Moroccan goods while the locals flock to the western imports. Marrakech is a city where you can really feel another way of life. With streets that are too narrow for cars, you must discover the pink streets for yourself.

Outside of the towns, Morocco is naturally spectacular. The High Atlas Mountains invite hikes between Berber villages. A trek over the high mountain passes to the Kasbah of Télouet, at 1600m, is well worth it. If you prefer to spend you free time by the sea, the beaches near the cities are well laid out for visitors and offer great diving conditions. Away from the towns, where the Sahara meets the Atlantic, untouched Dakhla Bay is exceptional for windsurfing, fishing, surfing and diving.

Learn Arabic in Morocco, a country on Europe’s doorstep but orbiting on a different axis.

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