Learn Arabic in Jordan

Entering the Hashemite Kingdom is like time travel through the origins of civilisation. Considered a cradle of humanity, Jordan has seen Moses, Emperor Hadrian and Lawrence of Arabia walk its land. Exploring the ancient Roman city of Jerash, you will be transported more than 2000 years ago, back to the days of Alexander the Great. Delve into the breathtaking surroundings of Petra, a town carved into the rock at the time of the Nabatean Empire, or soak in the mystical atmosphere of Mount Nebo, the guardian of Moses’ tomb. In a country steeped in culture and history, the memory of civilisations past is still alive in the life and soul of its people.

Jordanians are proud of their Bedouin traditions, which extol the virtues of calm and pacifism, and welcome visitors with open arms. Fostering a rare sense of hospitality, they are delighted to show their country in all its authenticity. Don’t be surprised if, upon meeting you, some locals invite you to their homes to have a cup of delicious mint tea.

Jordan is a modern and endearing country that cares about the well-being of its denizens. Concerned about the future of its children and inhabitants, the King and Queen have been taking action to help disadvantaged people get access to education. In Jordan, memories of the past go hand in hand with an exciting present.

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