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Imagine practising your Italian as you cruise down the intricate waterways of Venice, sampling delicious Italian food at every moment, and meeting people from all around the world! This movie snapshot could feature you as you take an Italian course in Venice, world-famous for its stunning architecture and centuries-old canals. Discover this city full of passion and romance as you learn Italian in Venice with ESL!

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Why learn Italian in Venice?


If you want to develop your Italian skills, full immersion is one of the best ways to do it - so going one step further and learning in one of Italy’s most culturally iconic cities will really elevate your experience! Practise your Italian as you explore the delights of Venice, from the Rialto Bridge to the Doge’s Palace, and experience what day-to-day life in the floating city is really like. An Italian course in Venice is a unique opportunity to combine linguistic and cultural exploration, where you’ll learn on the go and experience Italy through brand new eyes - and ears!


What type of Italian course in Venice can I do?


ESL’s courses are flexible, so you can make your decisions based on what suits you best. If you want to experience long-term immersion, or simply get a taste of Italy, our partner schools’ Italian courses in Venice will definitely satisfy your curiosity. We hand select our partner schools, and work with them closely every year to ensure they offer the quality and variety expected at ESL. You can also take advantage of our schools’ cultural activities, arranged to help you discover the city and get to know students from around the world.


Why choose ESL to learn Italian in Venice?


When you take a language course with ESL, we want you to feel that same passion that motivates us to learn and travel the world. Offering quality and variety is our priority to help you achieve your language goals, no matter what they are! Our courses offer:

  • Dynamic, immersive classes and teaching methods, through our extensive network of partner schools.
  • Free, personalised advice throughout your learning journey with ESL.
  • The chance to experience a new language and culture in full immersion.
  • A unique experience that will stick with you for years to come!
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