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Mexico criss-crosses, from the Caribbean beaches to the refreshing plateaus, passing by the Yucatan Jungle. One finds here the vestiges of the mysterious Mayan civilisation, but also a population which still maintains its heritage.

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It's almost an island, lost between the two Americas, An island demarcated to the North by the Rio Bravo, a river that the Yankees continue to call the Rio Grande. An island infiltrated, all over its territories, by rivers with Mayan and Aztec names. An island again, haunted by its seas, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, whose banks are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Acapulco in the south, of course, but also the dozens of others that make a sunny garland around the West of the country. Mexico is a land of water.

A land of stones also, where the smallest pyramid, that of Uxmal or Chichen Itza for example, carries the memory of ancient civilisations. Mexico protects the remains of its combined histories. Those age-old relics, are, for the most part, listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. But also those that are more recent, from Spanish colonisation. You must roam about the colossal city of 20 million inhabitants that is Mexico, in front of the Baroque churches of the conquerors to those tiny villages which still recall the battles of Zapata and Pancho Villa when, at the beginning of the last century, Mexico was revolutionary.

How can you not love this country at first sight? These people who deny nothing of their past, who celebrate the dead each year with disjointed skeletons and fanfare in the streets. This culture of mural frescoes, where the most abiding legend is still that of a love between two painters, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. The traveller who stays there can only render homage to its hot climate, favourable for growing agave, the fruit used for making Tequila. Yes, on these sands of a thousand and one water sports, in these azure creeks and archaeological sites, there is one permanent trait.

There is not a patch of land in the world where they know how to party better than in Mexico. When night falls, in this country where they have never stopped worshipping the sun, you must laugh and dance to forget. Until dawn. From Orizaba Peak, which culminates at 5700m, to the Laguna Salada, embalmed at 10m below sea level, Mexico vibrates from one end to the other.
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