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Canada Professional Certificates

Long term language courses in total immersion: Canada Professional Certificates

Canada Professional Certificates
If you want to study in English in Canada, Greystone College is an excellent option. With campuses in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, three of the most vibrant cities in the world, Greystone College offers professional certificate and diploma programmes in the fields of business, hospitality and customer service.
Learn from instructors who are industry experts, and earn globally recognised qualifications that will allow you to improve your employability in the future. By studying in English in a multicultural environment, you will also consolidate your language skills and develop a network of likeminded professionals.
ESL - Canada Professional Certificates
Why study business?
  • - Learn the skills for successful business management and communication in international environments.
  • - Build your knowledge for future studies, to enter the labour market or to advance professionally.
Business programmes
  • - Certificate in International Business and Trade
  • - Certificate in Business Communications
  • - Certificate in Business Management
  • - Diploma in Supervisory Management
  • - Diploma in International Business Management
Why study hospitality?
  • - The tourism and hospitality sector accounts for 1 out of 11 jobs in the world.
  • - Gain the knowledge you need to work in different positions in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and much more.
  • - Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • - Diploma in Hospitality Operations
  • - Diploma in Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Why study customer service?
- Develop soft skills like effective communication and team building, which job recruiters look for.
- Get the knowledge you need for careers in places such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, coffee shops and retail stores.

Customer service programme
- Diploma in Customer Service
When it comes to your free time, remember that Greystone College is part of the ILSC group, which has language schools in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. This means that if you sign up for one of their programmes, you’ll also be able to participate in their evening and weekend activities!

Interested in combining your studies with an internship in Canada? Check out our Work and Study programmes in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.