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When you decide to dedicate a few weeks, or a few months, to learning French in total immersion, it is worth offering yourself Paris. It is worth offering yourself its follies, its intrigues, its inimitable charm! It is worth offering yourself one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
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A city of lights, an eternal city, sacred giant of history, of culture and of intelligence, of savoir-vivre, of fashion and of extravagance. All of the fantasies of the world pass through Paris…and yet. No need, you will say, to present the French capital as it is so famous. A real Diva. The Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysées. Notre Dame, Versailles, Montparnasse, Orsay, the Louvre, Bastille, Montmartre and Javel for the experts. The programme is complete, and there you go. For a show that is sold out every day. Who would say anything different when, each year, almost 30 million tourists come and return, take photos, always, and attempt, a lot or too little, in spite of everything, to experience passionately the magic of Paname. Because Paris is never conquered and remains a mystery. We believe we know it but it escapes incessantly. Paris is the most beautiful of cities, it knows it and plays a game of easy seduction in order to be more evasive. Paris values its secret. Everyone would like to know it, few are invited. It is further, lower, elsewhere, in the backroads, on the curve, furtively that it sometimes reveals itself. Therefore, don’t hesitate. Forget about the guided visits, the commonplace tourist attractions and other cultural highways. Ignore all that and get involved, grab hold of life. Paris doesn’t like anything as much as that. The espresso quickly taken in a bistro which doesn’t look anything special but which may become famous one day, a new look which reinvents the Pont Mirabeau or a walk which comes to sail, at random, in front of the famous canal. A chance, an opportunity. Then a smile, a promise, and…on the banks of the Seine, a waltz which you had given up on. This is, for a moment, the time of a Paris refound. This time, Paris has shown its candour of a villager which was hiding beneath the airs of a great dame. Tomorrow, who knows ? Rebellious, romantic, discreet, passionate, endearing, playful, irresistible, pleasurable? All it needs is a bit of a dream…if it is authentic, it will make stars out of it. Paris awaits you perhaps simply so that you can give it new reasons to be proud of this crazy charm that the whole world adores!
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