About English study trips at IH Bristol

Mariana Cintas Garcia
Mariana Cintas Garcia
IH, Bristol
Duration: 4 weeks

I can only describe my experience with both ESL and International House Bristol as rewarding and enriching in every sense. Honestly, it was a vital experience that I recommend to everyone, regardless of their age or reason to do it (for work, school or a personal purpose). My stay was for four weeks and, in my opinion, is in the second week when you can see considerably the progress -especially the fluency in conversation- and that is due to the system study and the time spent socializing with natives and schoolmates of other nationalities. In this sense, I have to highlight the school's social program, in which you can discover Bristol, visit several and interesting cities nearby for a cheap price (especially in the summer), participate in leisure and cultural activities, and meet new people. On the other hand, Bristol is the perfect city to study English and experience the essence of England, because is a big city that keeps a charming character, that allows access to all types of services (good transportation to other cities, malls, pubs, clubs, restaurants...) and interact with native speakers. Additionally is relatively close to the great metropolis London and has a perfect location for visiting Cardiff, Bath, Stonehenge, Stratfford, Birmingham, etc. It’s been a pleasure being able to live this experience. The truth is that I'm thinking about doing it again! Thanks to ESL and IH Bristol.

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