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With an exceptionally beautiful natural environment, a convivial and cosmopolitan atmosphere and cultural and entertainment treasures to be found in every corner of the city…Resident of the Pacific, Vancouver is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Canada…sorry, in the world!
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Built on the delta of the Fraser River in the Georgia Strait, Vancouver is surrounded by an exceptional natural environment. The splendid forested adornment of the giant pine trees contrasts with the deep blue of the Pacific and the dazzling white of the snowy peaks of Whistler. The largest city in British Columbia is particularly spoilt by a nature which has even succeeded in finding a home at the heart of the city centre. A real green oasis at the heart of the city, Stanley Park is THE meeting place for lovers of outdoor activities and relaxation. Imagine 400 hectares made up of flower gardens, superb beaches and walking paths at the heart of the city. Jogging, cycling, swimming, picnics, cricket, tennis…everything is possible here. Cosmopolitan, young, cultivated, sporty and very natural, that which is nicknamed the « Pearl of the Pacific » is a city on a human scale where you never feel like a stranger. The incredible ethnical and cultural mosaic which makes it up is only equalled by the friendliness and compassion of its inhabitants. Thanks to its geographical location, Vancouver has experienced a significant development of its port, industry and economy. The sawmills of the former Gastown of Gassy Jack have transformed themselves into a magnificent city. Museums that are envied by the rest of the country, a memorable artistic and cultural scene, the overexcited Canucks in the mythical arena of the GM Stadium, magnificent shop windows for going window shopping on Robson Street, a festival of flavours and restaurants from the four corners of the world, the colourful streets of Chinatown and the trendy cafés of Granville Street…Even if it is less known and less visited than its American big sisters, Vancouver really has everything of a big city! The locals often say, with enthusiasm and a touch of very legitimate pride, that in Vancouver, you can do everything in one day. Tear down the slopes in the morning, have a quick bite to eat at lunchtime in Chinatown, play golf in the afternoon and take advantatge of Kitsilano Beach to sunbathe for a while, offer yourself spiced dishes of India when the sun touches the Ocean, then head for some nightlife at the Cellar of the Shine….You want to take a big bite out of life after your English classes? Vancouver is really the right address! Experience something great!
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