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Get a taste of beach life, high rises, and the Everglades as you learn English in Miami! As a major US city, pivotal in the arts and entertainment industry, you’ll be guaranteed an exciting stay in Miami as you learn a new language. Florida is a hub for international visitors, and at ESL, Miami is one of our most popular destinations for language learners - the sun, sand, and beautiful Bay life call them year after year to study English in this special city!

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Why learn English in Miami?


Each state in the USA is different, offering a new cultural experience whenever you cross the border - but Miami offers something special, attracting visitors year-round to wonder at its towering skyline and tropical marshland, all in the space of one city! You’ll explore the amazing sights while immersed completely in English - speaking, hearing and reading it 24/7. While Miami is a major US city, it’s also small enough for you to feel welcome and really get to know your way around, so you’ll fit in right away!


What kind of English course in Miami can I do?


Our partner schools offer many different types of course, catering to all sorts of student needs. Whether you want to study as a hobby or for travel, or you want to learn quickly through an intensive course, our partner schools will have the ideal course for you. We hand select our schools and work with them closely to ensure our expectations are met - we offer our students high quality teaching and a welcoming, dynamic environment on each and every course. Speak to us and let us know what you’re looking for on your English course in Miami, and we’ll find the ideal one for you.


Why choose ESL to study English in Miami?


We’ve been in the language travel business for over 20 years now, and our experience means we have all the insider knowledge you need to create your perfect language study abroad. We’ll help you completely personalise your language stay, and create the perfect English course in Miami to suit your needs. We’ll listen and guide you every step of the way – for free! You’ll rest assured, knowing you’re in the best of hands as we offer expert advice and craft a language experience that you’ll never forget.

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