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Leisure time activities during a language course abroad

Something we consider very important when choosing partner schools is the variety of leisure activities offered. The things you do during your free time are not only important for your enjoyment of the experience, but are also hugely beneficial for your language skills. Activities are either included in the price or offered at preferential rates.

Sport for everyone
During your trip, you can combine language study with your favourite sports. Enjoy a football match in Barcelona's Camp Nou Stadium or join a game on the beach in Nice. Chill out at a surfing competition in Biarritz or strap in for the Grand Prix in France. Catch an ice hockey match in Québec, Canada, or get your cowbells out for FIS World Cup skiing events in the Swiss Alps. Explore the turquoise waters in Panama... you are spoilt for choice!
A sensory experience
From the Great Wall of China to the great restaurants of Tokyo, from the shopping temples of Shanghai to the Mayan temples of Yucatán, from the Salvador carnival’s bright lights and sensuous music to the vibrant swirling colours of the Kandinsky room at the Hermitage, the world is a wonderful place. For some, visiting the misty ruins of Machu Picchu in the early morning is a spiritual experience. For others, wandering the halls of the Musée du Louvre has a similar effect.

You can take it easy with a strong coffee at a Viennese cafe or explore the slopes where the coffee beans grow in Costa Rica. Gawp at the pearls in the Antwerp jewellers’ windows or try and find your own in the depths of the Indian Ocean. One thing is for sure: these experiences will help you understand other essential dimensions of the language you're learning.
Discoveries and adventure
What would a country be without its people, without their stories, without the words you hear and speak? Travelling to a different country with students from all over the world is an experience of discovery. Discovering new cities, cultures and outlooks. Discovering new people, both young and old.

Learning a language in immersion brings with it unforgettable experiences. Over time, you'll improve your language skills with the locals in exciting countries or with the help of international students in an up-tempo city. When you study in Lyon, Barcelona or Rome and make friends from Sweden, Russia or Brazil, your friend group is guaranteed to become more international.