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Language studies for professionals: ESL Advantages

Free and personalised advice

Take advantage of our expertise to find your perfect programme. Different schools and courses have different strengths, and we can help you choose the ideal destination for your individual needs. You don’t pay a penny more booking with us than you would booking directly with the school, so use our expertise to get the best deal. 

Free needs analysis

ESL – Language travel provides a free and comprehensive needs analysis service when you book. This ensures that you study a programme that is at the right level for you, has the right content and fits with your budget. 

Pay in the currency of your choice

For your convenience, you can pay in the currency of your choice. The price will still be the original price offered by the school, with no mark-up. 

Special deals for companies

If your company has a study plan, or would like to develop one, contact us for a special deal. We add new special offers to our website throughout the year, and always offer great deals for group bookings. 

Personalised price quotation in GBP, CHF or EUR

We guarantee the best prices on the market. Request a quote (it takes seconds) and consider your options at a pace that suits you. 

The best accommodation

ESL – Language travel offers something for all tastes and all budgets. Ask our team for more information about the various accommodation options, selected carefully by our local partners. 


Mention in while enrolling and you will receive a competitive offer for flights. You are, of course, also free to arrange your own transport. 

Free exam cancellation insurance

If you are unable to start a course due to exam results, our free insurance will cover you.