Professionals, Accommodation


Language studies for professionals: Accommodation

Helping you find the right accommodation is an important part of our service, and the range of accommodation on offer is one of our most important criteria when choosing partner schools. Different schools cater for different needs, and their accommodation reflects that.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about accommodation options in our destinations.
Staying with a local host family offers the most authentic local experience and encourages you to use your language skills in everyday situations. The hosts are carefully selected by the schools and live within a reasonable distance. In big cities, this will usually include a journey on public transport.

A homestay is your fastest route to fluency, and offers real cultural immersion. 
Furnished studios/serviced apartments
If comfort and privacy are your main priorities when choosing accommodation, a furnished studio or serviced apartment could be a good option. 
We can recommend local hotels suitable for all budgets. 
Without accommodation
You can arrange your own accommodation.