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With language classes for children and adults plus exciting activities for the kids or the whole family, we have language holidays to fit every family.

Language study trips for families

Travel together as a family and share the pleasure of learning a language in the country where it's spoken. Each member of the family studies in a group that's designed for their age and language level. Children learn and play with other kids from around the world while parents enjoy an active holiday immersed in another culture. Everyone can share their new knowledge and experiences together in the evenings!

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About the programmes
Everything is arranged according to the needs of your family, including accommodation, study and activities. During the morning, each member of the family studies the language in a group that matches their age and language level. After class, a wide range of activities are offered for each age group, or you can spend time exploring the destination together as a family.

Working towards common goals while sharing experiences can really bring a group together. 
Advantages of a smart family holiday
  • Adults will enjoy the personal and career boost that languages bring
  • Kids and teenagers will be more confident in using languages at school 
  • While children are enjoying an intercultural experience, adults can enjoy some private time
  • ESL has extensive experience organising language courses for families
  • It’s easy to book with our A-Z service
  • Grandparents are welcome too!