ESL Language Travel Awards

​ESL Language Travel Awards
The ESL Language Travel Awards are assigned to the language schools that stood out during the past 12 months for providing an exceptional service to their clients. ESL chooses the winners among more than 400 partner schools around the world.
Based on clients’ testimonials (more than 7,400 last year) and considering the assessment provided by more than 180 ESL employees working in our 50 agencies, this prize is an objective and fair evaluation of those partner schools that had an extraordinary performance.

Here you can find the 2019 winners:
School group of the year
School of the year (English)
  • School of the year (other languages)
  • School facilities of the year
  • Teaching programme of the year
  • Accommodation of the year
  • Leisure programme of the year
  • Junior programme of the year
  • CSR Champion of the year
    Congratulations to all of the winners!

    To see the past ESL Language Travel Awards winners, click on the year below:
    2016 | 2017 | 2018
    ​How the Awards are decided
    Awards are assigned based on the feedback we receive from our clients and employees.
    Upon return, our students are asked to judge their overall experience: the school and its facilities, the quality of the course, the accommodation and the leisure activities.
    Each aspect is analysed through more specific questions, related to each category. For example, in the “facilities” category, we ask the students to describe the school’s distance from the city centre, the available space, the classrooms, the equipment, etc.
    In almost every category, the top 10 schools are ranked on the basis of the students’ feedback. Then, those ESL employees who have direct contact with the schools evaluate them considering their personal experience. Finally, the two scores are combined and designate the winner. ESL team members are asked a specific question to determine their overall relation with the schools, which is: “How does working with this school make it easier for you to serve clients?”
    At ESL, we are in permanent contact with our partner schools and our students. We have to be perfectly familiar with the programmes we offer and show an extensive expertise, but also ensure the necessary logistical arrangements to deal with all types of request, including the special ones. Our teams listen to our students’ needs and visit our partner schools on a regular basis; that is why they are the right people to provide a professional opinion on this matter. Furthermore, their personal implication in the execution of our clients’ projects allows ESL – as well as the partner schools – to offer a tailor-made experience to every student.
    The school elected as “CSR Champion” can claim to have met most of the criteria on our CSR Self-Assessment tool. Thanks to this online questionnaire, schools can self-evaluate their own success in the CSR strategies’ field. Very committed to sustainable development, we are the only ones to offer this self-assessment tool, and this is what makes this prize unique. Schools that are part of a group are assessed as a whole.
    In some categories, only students’ testimonials are considered. For example, for categories such as “Teaching Programme of the Year” or “Leisure Programme of the Year”, students express their overall opinion by recalling their personal experience.
    To win or not to win…
    The ESL Language Travel Awards are a great chance for our partner schools, as they recognise their excellent service and stimulate them to keep offering the best experience to our students. Check out our blog post to see the shortlist for each category. 
    ESL Certificate of Excellence
    How can we evaluate the services provided by each language school? ESL decided to assign a Certificate of Excellence to those partner schools that stood out for their exceptional performance.
    What does the ESL Certificate of Excellence represent?
    This certificate rewards those partner schools that provide a high-quality service. The students’ opinion is the main criteria to assign the certificates.
    In October, the student feedback collected throughout the 12 previous months is analysed in order to grant the certificates. Each awarded school can show the distinction by displaying the “Certificate of Excellence” logo on its website.
    ESL - ESL Language Travel Awards
    Who is eligible to receive the ESL Certificate of Excellence?
    All partner schools (ESL has more than 400 around the world) are eligible for this award, if they meet the requirements.
    What are the required criteria?
    Based on the students’ evaluations, ESL will assign the certificates to the schools. After their programme, students are requested to evaluate many different aspects of their stay, such as the school’s facilities, the teaching quality, the accommodation and the leisure activities.
    Criteria each school should meet to obtain the ESL Certificate of Excellence:
    • The score of the global evaluation should be at least 4 out of 5
    • The school should be subject to at least 20 feedbacks throughout the year
    Are ESL Certificates of Excellence affected by the judges’ opinion?
    Absolutely not. Only students’ comments and evaluations received during the previous 12 months will determine the ranking. Please note that only schools that obtain a global evaluation of 4 or more are eligible.