Cost studying English abroad

How much does studying English abroad cost

Starting your English course abroad can be exciting, but it’s important to figure out how it can fit into your budget. The course itself can vary from around 117 euros per week to 1790 euros per week, depending on the school and country you choose. 

While these costs cover the tuition, it's important to remember that studying abroad involves more than just the classroom. When you travel abroad, you’ll want to experience everything your host country can offer, meaning you’ll need to spend extra on suitable accommodation, food, and activities. You can make the most of your money and avoid any hidden costs by choosing one of our courses that combines all of these elements in one handy price! 

How does ESL have the best price guaranteed?

Looking for the best English course for the lowest price can be both exhausting and stressful. There are so many options to compare, and making the wrong choice can lead to a huge disappointment further down the line. That’s why we’ve done it for you! 

All our prices are continuously compared across the industry standard to ensure you’re getting the best price possible without sacrificing the quality of your programme. We’re so confident in this, we guarantee that if you find the same course in the same school for a lower price, we’ll refund you the difference!

Through our best price guarantee and our consistent promotions and offers, ESL aims to give students an unforgettable travel experience and unbeatable English progression for the lowest possible price.

How much does learning English cost around the world?

There are plenty of countries for you to choose from when studying English abroad. As such, you’ll have to factor in these international differences when planning your trip. Here are the costs of some of our most popular English destinations: 



Learning English in England will give you a unique insight into the language as you soak up the local spirit, slang, and all things British as you learn the language in the heart of its origin!

Our English courses in England can vary, largely depending on the city and school you choose, with prices starting from 236 euros per week.



Learning English in the USA is like experiencing the glitter and glamour of Hollywood firsthand. Navigate real-world scenarios in iconic cities like New York using the language and accents you had only heard in movies! 


The cost of English courses and the cost of living in the USA can fluctuate depending on the state, city, and school you choose. Our English courses in the USA start from 267 euros per week.



Stay and study in the land of hospitality as you use your English to speak with friendly locals, sing along with charming live music in a Dublin pub, and generally have the craic in one of our most popular countries! 


By European standards, Ireland is an affordable option in many of its most popular cities, with English courses starting from 112 per week. 



Whether it’s diving into the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mediterranean or partying in a vibrant student city like St Julian’s — Malta gives you the unique opportunity to learn English in a warm island paradise in Europe! 


Because of its ideal climate and beautiful surroundings, Malta has become a popular destination for English students, with tuition starting from 175 euros per week.


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