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Activities and leisure

Activities and leisure: Active family vacation programs

Learn while having fun!
Leisure time is what will bring the family together most frequently during the course of their language holiday. After language classes, you have the opportunity to explore your destination and new surroundings and meet the local population. This is the part of family language holidays that you'll fall in love with!
In certain destinations, such as Florida or Ireland or in cities like Málaga or Brighton, you and your family will explore places and attractions which are not to be missed. There's no need here for a programme of leisure activities, as everything is within easy reach!
In some destinations, two separate programmes of leisure activities are on offer, with one specifically for children and the other for adults. These activities are made up of sports, arts and crafts, games or cultural visits. The trips are a chance for participants to really explore the host country, region or city.
These free time activities are the perfect opportunity to practise the language in a relaxed environment. Adults and children, either together or each in their own group, get to know the area and local culture in-depth. Your language holiday will be enriched and you'll create a bond with the country, whether you follow a specific programme of leisure activities or explore as a family.
Young students are supervised by experienced leaders for all leisure activities and trips during dedicated activity programmes. In the afternoons and sometimes in the evenings, the leaders coordinate and supervise different activities and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Sporting activities are supervised and run by qualified instructors.