50 Plus, Practical information
50 Plus

Practical information

Language courses abroad for the over-50s: Practical information

ELVIA travel insurance (Switzerland)
By signing up for this insurance, you won’t have to pay any potential cancellation fee and you will be covered during the full length of the trip. If your trip is longer than 6 months, we recommend you sign up for 12-month insurance. If you already have insurance, please let us know while booking your trip.

GLOBE PARTNER (trip) medical insurance (European Union)
European Union citizens can benefit from the “GLOBE PARTNER” medical insurance. This policy covers all medical costs, medical care and – in case of accident – private liability. Please contact us for further information.
Usually, European citizens don’t need a visa. If you come from a non-European country, however, you might need one. We will let you know in case you do. You are entirely responsible for any visa-related fee. A visa is usually required for stays that exceed 3 months. 
Flight and train tickets
Upon request, we can book your flight or train tickets at very competitive prices. You will quickly receive a quote from us, with no purchase obligation. 
In all our destinations, we organise transfers from the airport or the station to your accommodation. After a long trip, it’s nice to have someone pick you up! You can also organise the transfer yourself, which is usually cheaper than the one organised by the school. The price shown on our website is for a single trip.
The arrival day
On your first day at school, you will take an evaluation test to determine your language knowledge, so that you can be placed in a class depending on your level. You will receive all the information you need about the school, the courses and the activity programme. After that, a team member will take you for a tour of the building. And then… time for a language course!
Language level
Most of the schools offering a 50+ programme don’t accept absolute beginners; they require an elementary level at least. At the beginning of the course, your class will include same-level learners; this will allow you to improve quickly and easily.
Local and national holidays
On bank holidays, no classes take place. Some schools allow you to make up the missed classes, but not all of them. In this case, the cancelled classes are not refunded. 
50+ course / nationalities
Schools try as much as possible to create classes of only 50+ students. Sometimes though, younger people may be included in the class to guarantee an equal level and appropriate lessons. Also, classes are usually made up of a good mix of nationalities. In the afternoon and at weekends, 50+ students can participate in the activities, visits and excursions organised by the school. These are reserved for 50+ programme participants only.
Course material
Usually, the course material is provided and included in the package. Some books may be bought at school to complete the educational materials. We recommend you bring a dictionary or install one on your mobile. 
Course certificate
Once the course is over, you will receive a certificate issued by the school. It will show your language level, the location and duration of the course. 
Duration of the course
2 to 4 times per year, fixed-date programmes start in every available destination. They usually last 2 weeks, but you can of course decide to stay longer or choose other dates (see our wide choice of adult courses). Our teams are always ready to give you the advice you need on destinations and programmes.